The “Family Jazz Concerts” are a unique opportunity to enjoy music, learn together and promote important values such as creativity, inclusion and equality.

It is aimed at families aged 5-99 years old, who can actively participate by playing, singing, dancing, etc. integrating with the band: Spanish/Basque/Basque/English/French or any combination of these.

And what about the two days of “Family Cinema and Jazz” with films that tell the story of jazz through animated films, an innovative tool to tell its history in a visual and entertaining way.

Through vibrant animation and captivating music, these films take viewers on a journey through time, exploring the origins of jazz and its evolution to the present day. Screening these films at family-friendly jazz concerts is an exciting way to engage people of all ages in the music and culture of jazz, and to make the experience more engaging and informative for children.

In short, jazz and animated film is a valuable tool for sharing the history and music of jazz in an accessible and exciting way.