Michael Jackson chose her to sing “I Just Can’t Stop Loving You” as a duet on his 2009 tour. She starred in the movie Twenty Steps From Fame (2013). He won a Grammy for his contribution to its soundtrack. He opened for Josh Groban in 2013 and John Legend in 2014. He did backing vocals for some of the most legendary musicians in history (Carole King, Rod Stewart, Greg Allman). And she recorded her first album in Paisley Park with Prince as co-producer in 2015. Everything in the career of this woman, born in Los Angeles in 1984, was on track for her to end up a star. And so it has been, thanks to five albums that move between soul, funk, rock, pop and R&B In the last of them, Baby, I’m In Hollywood! (2021), she resolves them with good interpretative boldness, appealing to the essence of Prince, Curtis Mayfield or Sly and the Family Stone with knowledge of the cause.