Fran Serrano’s music is characterized by its simplicity when it comes to composing from a visceral and human point of view, based on the composer’s experiences, the cohesion in the melodies and harmonies the cohesion in the melodies and harmonies made for the chosen instrumentation, but, above all, by the energy the energy projected by the quintet when interpreting the repertoire together with their improvisations. with their improvisations. The synergy of jazz with more modern styles such as rock or fusion is implicit in the compositions, giving rise to natural melodies supported by blues-based structures. based on structures based on blues and jazz, all marked by a rhythmic characterized by amalgamations and polyrhythms, among others.

Fran Serrano has been active in the music scene since 2000. Graduated in Jazz double bass, modern music and pedagogy, touring throughout the national territory, France and Portugal with various formations as a performer of jazz double bass, classical and electric bass. He has participated in projects as double bass player in Italian Jazz C.R.E.A, Big Band of the Conservatory of Music of Navarra, and in classical formations as section leader in the symphony orchestra of the University of Navarra; he has performed at festivals such as TDX, among many others, in recordings of albums as accompanist, video clip recordings and many concerts and stage experience in various musical styles. 0202 is his first work as leader of a quintet consisting of drums, double bass, piano, electric guitar and tenor saxophone.