After a decade on stage, this band of multi-geographical origin (Guinea-Bissau, Buenos Aires, Naples, Nigeria, Madrid and Bilbao) is undoubtedly one of the references of European neo soul and funk, and the reference of black music in our country. Inspired by the great voices of jazz, soul and blues such as Ella Fitzgerald, Aretha Franklin, Nina Simone or Whitney Houston, the Portuguese singer of Bisauguinean origin Alana Sinkëy picks up the soul soul baton under a renewed prism, and from a voice endowed with the vigor and timbre color with which nature has privileged the Afro-American throats.

Thanks to a danceable energy that is frankly difficult to resist, and a live performance that borders on record quality, Cosmosoul immerses us in the sounds inherited from all the richness and diversity of sound that was forged in the musical hotbed of the 60s.

CosmoSoul, was recognized as the “Best Black Music Group” in 2012 (Guilles Awards 2012), and critics do not hesitate to classify them as the best black music band in Spain. The band is made up of five brilliant musicians with very diverse techniques, training and musical profiles. A mixture that combines musical styles, but also cultures.

Their live performances, characterized by quality, proximity and a powerful staging, always have unexpected collaborators. For fans of the band and for those who simply want to be carried away by the most current and fresh soul of the international scene, with strong multicultural roots, a warning: CosmoSoul is highly addictive.